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Simpler CSS 0.2b

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Version 0.2b of the Simpler CSS plugin provides new functionality.

  • Default CSS setting / default text
  • Cleaner cleaning
    • Quotes in CSS no longer escaped
    • @import and CSS comments are now stripped

A new default CSS setting shows on the options page for new users who have just discovered the custom CSS feature. By default, introductory text is shown to let users know what the plugin does. This default text can be edited in the plugin file — very useful for WordPress µ hosts.

Default text on Simpler CSS options page

Default text on Simpler CSS options page

Version 0.2b also fixes a problem where CSS properties that have quotes, such as font-family: "Times New Roman", Georgia, serif; may be escaped by the PHP function htmlspecialchars(). ENT_NOQUOTES is now used so that quotes in CSS code are not erroneously escaped.

This new plugin uses Perl regular expressions to strip out @import rules (to prevent the loading of external stylesheets — useful only for WordPress µ hosts that want to limit their users’ capabilities) and CSS comments (to reduce output size). Further filtering will be added in future versions in a way that allows them to be disabled or enabled.

Download version 0.2b of Simpler CSS

(We’re skipping the 0.2 release because that one had a link to the old Simpler Plugins site, which has been switched to this blog.)


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March 9, 2009 at 4:24 pm

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