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Retirement of Simpler CSS

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While the Simpler CSS plugin has likely served your needs over the past few months, I will no longer be developing the plugin. That’s because there’s a far better option out there for anyone who’s interested.

Yesterday, the WordPress folks released a plugin derived from the code they use for it’s called Custom CSS. There’s a lot more functionality in that plugin, including advanced filtering of CSS with CSS Tidy and KSES. Custom stylesheet rules are saved in the wp_posts table, which means you can have revisions.

Most importantly, this is tested code that has been deployed on

I highly encourage any users on WordPress 2.9 or higher to switch to the Custom CSS plugin. That being said, there is no easy route for migration from Simpler CSS to that plugin, because the storage methods are completely different. WordPress ยต hosts should consult with users before switching, or enable both plugins for a period of time so that users can manually copy their code over. Since Simpler CSS continues to function for version 3.0-alpha, you may continue to use it without side effects.

Simpler CSS will not be developed after the current version, 0.4. However, users of WordPress versions between 2.7 and 2.9 are still welcome to download it from the plugin repository.

Note: I have made a decision to continue maintenance releases only for the purpose of ensuring that it continues to work.


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December 23, 2009 at 9:52 am

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